Strange Brigade New DLC Gets Trailer Featuring New Character

Strange Brigade Decaying Demon Blast

Game developer Rebellion Developments recently announced the latest trailer of third-person shooter video game Strange Brigade featuring a new character.

Strange Brigade DLC trailer details

The new trailer that Rebellion Developments released featured a brand new character in the game Hachiro Shimizu. Aside from the newest character, the DLC will continue the campaign called The Thrice Damned.

This is the second installment of the three-part DLC campaign, which will focus on the team entering The Sunken Kingdom They will be fighting against undead monsters and dangerous beasts. In this trailer, it features the large scorpions and a very big minotaur with an ancient Egyptian look on him.

Hachiro Shimizu details

The newest character, Hachiro Shimizu, is a new character that has several new items that he came with. These items are a shock grenade, a rifle, and a sidearm. The shock grenade can stop enemies in their tracks, while the Mikhailov 38-rifle will be his main weapon to use. The sidearm is the Marchador TT pistol. His amulet power is called the Decaying Demon Blast, which creates a wave of demonic spikes from the ground.

There is also a free update that will include the newest mode called Horde Mode and Score Attack Mode. The game is now available on PlayStation 4.

The trailer can be viewed below:

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