Starlink: Battle For Atlas New Content Added Before Holidays

Starlink: Battle for Atlas starship

Game developer Ubisoft Toronto recently added a brand new content to popular starship video game Starlink: Battle for Atlas just before the Holidays.

Starlink: Battle for Atlas new content is here

The new content is rather large to download, which should have tons of stuff to try out just for the holidays. It is also free, which is a good thing, and it adds fan-requested features like the photo mode. The update is now available, Dec. 21, on PlayStation 4.

Three key features

There are three new key features included in this content update. The first is a batch of new enemy types throughout the Atlas star system. These will introduce new gameplay mechanics for players to master. The second new addition is outlaw fortifications, which will have enemy bases that are defended by a turret. Players will need to clear out these first so that they can get more loot and experience if they complete it. The third is the photo mode, which was mentioned above.

Check out the trailer below:

Source: Official Website