Star Wars Battlefront II To Introduce General Grievous Soon

Star Wars Battlefront II General Grievous

Game publisher EA recently announced that Star Wars Battlefront II will introduce a new character soon. This individual is a popular character from a certain animation series.

Star Wars Battlefront II introduces General Griveous

On Oct. 30, General Grievous will be introduced to the online multiplayer with the theme of Star Wars. This particular characters is said to have the largest body frame compared to the other characters in the game right now. He is equipped with two lightsabers when he makes base attack sequences. When he performs Thrust Surge attacks and Unrelenting Advance attacks, he uses four lightsabers. He will be voiced by Matthew Wood.

Thrust Surge will make Grievous thrust forward with all four lightsabers with a stabbing motion. This is a familiar form that most Star Wars fans see in the Clone Wars series. Unrelenting Advance makes Grievous spin all four lightsabers in front of him, which produces a wall of sparks from the ground, just like in the Revenge of the Sith movie.

Grievous also has the Claw Rush ability. This allows him to flee the fight by dropping onto all of his six limbs and rushing through anyone that stands in his way.

In this game, the new character will have the default Jedi Hunter appearance and the additional Battle Damaged appearance that can bought by credits or with Crystals.

Update details

The new update will also introduce tweaks like replacing the Hero Star Cards with low usage and replace them with Hero Health Star Cards. There are two types: Health on Defeat Star Cards and Defeat with Ability Star Card. There are also time-limited Clone Wars-era Playlists for Hero Showdown and Heroes vs. Villains.

The game is already available on PlayStation 4.

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