Spider-Man New Video Features Explanation On Web Swinging Mechanic

Spider-Man web swing

Marvel Entertainment recently released a brand new video featuring how game developer Insomniac Games nailed the web swinging mechanics of upcoming action-adventure video game Marvel’s Spider-Man.

Marvel’s Spider-Man web swinging mechanic explained

The new video that Marvel Entertainment released featured Insomniac Games and their process on making web-swinging successful in this particular title. It shows a lot of gameplay with explanation from the developers on how they perfected this important feature. This was done in a perfect way because most testers say that this was the most engaging and fun method of going through the map on a game.

The developers explained how the mechanics worked. They made sure that the players will feel that nothing could ever get in their way as they traverse the map. The aim was also made as an accessible system without neglecting the depth. Marvel Games eventually realized that the developers successfully made web swinging possible at E3 2018 as the players tried it out.

The game will launch this coming Sept. 7. It will be exclusively available for the PlayStation 4.

Check out the trailer below: