SoulCalibur VI Gets New Weird Character Azwel With Interesting Abilities

SoulCalibur VI Azwel

Game publisher Bandai Namco Entertainment recently revealed a new character in upcoming action fighting video game SoulCalibur VI named Azwel.

SoulCalibur VI introduces Azwel

A new character of the SoulCalibur series has entered the roster of the sixth title. His name is Azwel and he is a bit weird, but an interesting one to fight or control in a fight. He claims to be the Leader of Humanity and wields the powerful weapon known as Palindrome. It manifests different kinds of weapons out of thin air. The most interesting part of his weapon is that it indicates he has some kind of bond with the Soul Edge and the SoulCalibur.

Might be the last game if it is not successful

In other related news, game producer Motohiro Okubo told a gaming publication in an exclusive interview that the sixth title might be the last SoulCalibur if it is not successful. Bandai Namco Entertainment had low expectation from them and it is actually facing a crisis of maybe disappearing. It took them a lot of time to convince the higher ups.

Okubo hopes that a lot of players will be buying the game, but he does not want to push them to do so. They do not want to blackmail the gamers by saying that it could be the last one. They just wanted to tell the truth.

The brand is facing a crisis, which meant that the development team had nothing to lose in the process. They just decided to do what they wanted to do with the brand. He did, however, explain why they did not go out their way to design sexy characters. They only wanted to show how they can best represent the characters.

Source: DualShockers