SoulCalibur VI New Character Amy Joins As New DLC Character

SoulCalibur VI Amy

Game publisher Bandai Namco Entertainment recently announced that the newest character to join as DLC will be Amy for popular action fighting video game SoulCalibur VI.

SoulCalibur VI gets Amy

Amy is the returning character to join the big roster of the fighting video game as DLC. This was revealed at the recent event EVO Japan with a new trailer showing off her skills in battle.

This new female character is the adopted daughter of fencing artist Raphael and was first revealed as a playable character in SoulCalibur III. Like her father, she wields a rapier-style weapon and fights in similar fashion with agility and grace. There is still no release date for her launch, but game producer Motohiro Okubo has assured fans that she will be joining in as soon as possible.

Amy is now the third character to join the game’s season pass. The previous two characters were NieR: Automata’s popular female character 2B and another returning character Tira. There are some rumors and data mining leaks that suggest another new returning character will be joining as well and that is Cassandra.


In related news, Bandai Namco Entertainment revealed that it will be releasing a character customization pack this coming Feb. 19. It will include 67 new creation parts and 28 background music tracks that come from Soul Edge and SoulCalibur.

The game is now available on PlayStation 4. The season pass can be bought for only $29.99.

Check out her trailer here: