SoulCalibur VI Adds NieR: Automata Character To Roster

SoulCalibur VI 2B

In a surprising move, game publisher Bandai Namco Entertainment suddenly announced that a new character will be entering SoulCalibur VI. And it’s no ordinary character.

SoulCalibur VI includes NieR: Automata favorite

The new character that will be included in the recent fighting video game is none other than the sexy, but deadly 2B from NieR: Automata. This will be an official collaboration between the two games. The trailer featured here awesome moves from her game including her interchangeable swords, the dash and dodge, and the combo extensions together with the Pod.

Together with the female character, a NieR: Automata stage is also included in the DLC. This will allow players to experience 11945 Earth. Just like The Witcher 3 stage, this one has the familiar sights of the early area of the game and features the background music. The DLC will also come with an alternate costume for 2B.

Lastly, the DLC will include 2B’s weapons, and the extra parts and stickers from the game. These will be available on character customization. There is still no release date, but the announcement said that it will be coming soon.

The game is now available on PlayStation 4.

Check out the trailer here: