Sony Lets North American PS4 Users Check Their 2018 Gaming Statistics

In 2018, Sony in Europe opened a certain feature on their website where people in the region can create their own video that showcases their entire gaming experience. However, Sony US developed its own way to let players in American soil brag their achievements and career throughout their PS4 days – the only catch is: it’s only for 2018.

You can check this by logging in to your PSN US account (if you’re in Asia or a different region but created a PSN US account) and you can see tons of stats like the number of games you played, top 3 games you’ve spent most of your hours on, and much more then share it on social media. While this isn’t what some other PS4 users in the US expected, there is at least something to know about 2018 activities.

The next question would be: when will PSN Asia get their own?

Source: Push Square

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