Sony Could Be Hinting For More Uncharted Games With Hire

Major gaming company Sony Interactive Entertainment has recently revealed that it is hiring for an unannounced AAA third-party adventure game. This could mean that they are developing another Uncharted game or something similar.

Sony now hiring for seemingly new game

This new piece of information could mean that there is an upcoming gaming cooking up and it could be another title for the Uncharted franchise. The gaming company is now looking out for some talented workers and one of them is a Lead Character Artist to work on a currently unannounced high profile third-person adventure game. It is described as the next chapter of cinematic storytelling.

Sony PlayStation Visual Arts provides world-class content, development and services to Worldwide Studios. We offer a full-service production studio with an emphasis in art, animation, as well as previsualization, character creation, motion capture, software development, face/body scanning, tracking and solving.

We are looking for a highly talented, motivated and creative Lead Character Artist for the next chapter of cinematic story-telling. Here is your chance to be a part of the multi-award winning team responsible for the cinematic performances in premier Sony PlayStation franchises like Uncharted, The Last of Us, Killzone, and other iconic series.

Our team is always at the cutting edge of technology and partners with the industry’s best minds and companies: Naughty Dog, Santa Monica Studios, Guerrilla Games, Japan Studios, and other Sony PlayStation first-party studios. This is your opportunity to work closely with game and film industry professionals from all over the world and under one roof!