Sony Still Confirms That Three Upcoming Games Will Be PS4 Exclusive

After the gaming company revealed the upcoming next generation console of the PlayStation, Sony still reaffirms that three upcoming games will still be an exclusive to the recent one.

Sony reaffirms console for upcoming games

Three upcoming video game titles will still be exclusive to the PlayStation 4, the gaming company said. These three first-party games are The Last of Us Part II, Death Stranding, and Ghost of Tsushima. They are all expected to come to the PS4. Some fans still speculate that these will become PS5 titles instead due to the lack of release window dates.

When the gaming company was asked about the final years of the PS4 and its transition to the next-gen, they made it clear that it still has an outstanding roster of exclusive AAA games still to come for the PS4. This confirms they are not making any surprise announcements as of yet for the next-gen console titles.

There are still no confirmed next-gen titles in fact.

Source: Sony