Sherlock Holmes Chapter One Prologue Trailer Revealed

sherlock holmes prologue

Frogwares have released a prologue trailer looking at Sherlock Holmes first steps in Cordona as he embarks on his journey to becoming the infamous detective we all know. The team also announced they will be hosting a 35+ minute gameplay video on the Sherlock Holmes Chapter One Steam page on Wednesday, November 10th, 2021.

Check out the Prologue Trailer for Sherlock Holmes Chapter One below:

The Steam page stream will start at: 8pm CET/ 11am EST / 2pm PST

Players can check the published Steam event card now and save the date.

We had the opportunity to preview the game and experienced Sherlock’s journey in Cardona in the first few hours of the game, check out our first impressions here.

Sherlock Holmes Chapter One is a third-person, open-world story-driven detective thriller and acts as a prequel in the world-renowned detective’s personal story. A creative re-imagining of what events could have led to Sherlock becoming the iconic sleuth many know today.

Similar to Frogwares’ previous investigation themed titles, the game will however not simply tell you what disguise to find and use on characters. It’s up to players to logically conclude what disguise could work based on observation, additional clues and sound reasoning. Similarly, a certain disguise can have the opposite effect and cause a character to be even more tight lipped. 

Sherlock Holmes Chapter One will be released on PS5, on November 16th and later for PS4. All pre-orders come with a free copy of Sherlock Holmes Crimes & Punishments and additional in-game content.

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