Shadow Of The Tomb Raider New DLC The Serpent’s Heart Now Available

Shadow of the Tomb Raider Serpent DLC

Game developer Eidos Montreal recently announced that Shadow of the Tomb Raider will finally get the newest DLC called The Serpent’s Heart.

Shadow of the Tomb Raider newest DLC is here

A month before, the game got its DLC called The Nightmare which saw Lara back at Croft Manor. This time around it is a new DLC called The Serpent’s Heart, which stages a prison break and fights the Kukulkan cultists.

Lara encounters the mighty Slayer’s Gauntlet and tries to save the souls of the loyal rebels. She must now invade the fortress in an attempt to start a prison break. She must also complete the Slayer’s Gauntlet and navigate roaring rapids in order to receive the power of the serpent god.


Players who finish the challenge tomb will get the Divine Bounty skills which causes killed enemies to rewards them with extra gold coins when looted. The DLC also features the Dragon Scales outfit, which reduces fire damage, prevents stumbling, and accelerates health regeneration. The Serpent Lash bow is also included with extra fire damage.

The game is already out on PS4.

Check out the trailer below: