Samurai Showdown Reveals New Nakoruru Character Trailer

Samurai Showdown Nakoruru

Innocent and cute female character Nakoruru gets the first character trailer for upcoming action fighting video game reboot Samurai Showdown.

Samurai Showdown character trailer

The first character to be introduced in a character trailer is the cute Nakoruru. She is described as a young, fast, and deadly fighter. She can partner up with her hawk and take to the skies for aerial attacks, or reflect attacks from her enemies.

Check out the overview below:

The young Kamui warrior Nakoruru, a long-running staple of the Samurai Shodown universe, is here to show you her nature-inspired move set along with the help of her trusty pet hawk Mamahaha. Nakoruru will do anything to protect her beloved Mother Nature, and that includes death for those who dishonor her.

Game publisher Athlon Games and developer SNK revealed that the game will launch on PlayStation 4. It will launch on June 27 in Japan, and sometime within that month for North America and Europe