Samurai Shodown Reveals New Character Trailer For Wu Ruixiang

Samurai Shodown Wu Ruixiang

The newest character trailer for upcoming action fighting video game Samurai Shodown revealed another character, this time a new one at that.

Samurai Shodown character trailer features Wu Ruixiang

The latest character trailer introduces one of the newest characters in the game and that is Wu Ruixiang, a Chinese based female character. She is a descendant of an ancient and honorable feng shui clan. She is shown to be a bit clumsy, but she can fight with dangerous precision when needed.

Wu Ruixiang uses a shield that could spring traps and also hit opponents for maximum damage. She can counter projectiles, summon elements, and bring out a large dragon to finish of her enemies.

The game will launch on PlayStation 4. It will be available on June 25 in the Americas and Europe. Japan will get it later on June 27.

Check out the character trailer here: