Samurai Shodown Reveals Second Season DLC With Free Character

Samurai Shodown Shizumaru

Game publisher Athlon Games and developer SNK recently announced some new content for rising popular action fighting video game Samurai Shodown.

Samurai Shodown will have second season DLC

SNK just revealed at EVO 2019 that there will be a second season of four downloadable characters. This will include Mina Majikina and will be launched next year 2020.

The announcement also revealed the next set of four characters that will be launched soon in the game. It then panned to a familiar character from the series, which was the youth Shizumaru Hisame with his iconic umbrella. He will be a free downloadable content character this coming September.

The game is already available on PlayStation 4.

Here’s the trailer revealing Mina and Shizumaru: