Samurai Shodown Reveals New Haohmaru Character Trailer

Samurai Shodown Haohmaru

Game company SNK recently released a brand new character trailer for upcoming action fighting video game Samurai Shodown.

Samurai Shodown character trailer features Haohmaru

The seventh character trailer to be revealed featured none other than the main protagonist if the fighting game: Haohmaru. He uses heavy slashes most of the time and can command a mini tornado as a projectile.

Check out the official overview of Haohmaru below:

The game’s main protagonist, Haohmaru is a wandering swordsman with no loyalties to any lord. This ronin loves to fight against strong opponents and puts his all into defeating anyone who stands in the way with his legendary sword Fugudoku.

The upcoming action fighting video game will launch on PlayStation 4. It will be available on June 25 in the Americas and Europe. Japan will get it on June 27.

Check out the character trailer below: