RUMOR: Rocksteady Is Working On Batman Arkham Crisis? Possibly Fake

Rocksteady Studios, an amazing studio that captivated and put justice in Batman video-games, has been rumored in the past of working on a Superman game. That rumor was put to rest as the studio claims that they’re not working on a Superman game, but they are definitely working on a new game. A word of warning, before you read through, please take every leak with a grain of salt. This might be fake, or true, who knows.

Recently, another information about the game Rocksteady is working on has surfaced on the internet. A person who claims to be a game-tester revealed that the next game will be set in the Arkham universe and is named as “Arkham Crisis”. Now, provided the closure of Batman’s tale in Arkham Knight, it’s never been the end of the Dark Knight.

Arkham Crisis is said to be bigger than Grand Theft Auto V, that co-op is available, and the Batmobile is replaced with the Batwing where players can take advantage of its capability during battles and exploration. There will also be 12 acts which will take an hour each to complete. The game tester also claimed that Rocksteady is aiming to have the game win Game of the Year and that Batman Arkham Crisis is set to launch this year. You can read the list below:

  • 2 Years in development and will launch in 2019.
  • Court Of Owls is the main antagonist.
  • Will Be Revealed in March and will launch on October on Halloween midnight. Could Be delayed to November.
  • Aims to be GOTY 2019
  • A 12-act story with each act being 1 hour long.
  • A much more complex story.
  • Gotham City features a day/night cycle and is 1.7x bigger than GTA V.
  • Batwing will replace the Batmobile. It can be used in combat or as a mode of transportation.
  • Features co-op multiplayer but not integrated into the main story. Co-op will be playable for some side missions.
  • Side quests have been dramatically changed and won’t be 15 minutes long. Each side quest features 3-hours of story.
  • No more Riddler trophies. They have been replaced with 31 complex challenges.

To backtrack in 2014, when Batman Arkham Knight was leaked, it was through the video-game retailer GameStop where a poster was shown to Kotaku. Rocksteady didn’t announce that it was to be called Arkham Knight but that poster was completely legit. Now, in our opinion, if this information came from GameStop employees and an actual proof than a mere wall of text then there’s a likely possibility what the game tester’s claim is true. But this, there’s a high probability this is just fake to stir up anything and toy around with our excitement for Rocksteady’s new game.

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