Road 96 Coming to PlayStation in April

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Ravenscourt and DigixArt are announcing that their critically acclaimed title Road 96 – the ever-evolving story-driven adventure game with survival elements in which players must escape a country ruled by an authoritarian regime that’s on the brink of collapse – will soon be available on both Sony PlayStation and Microsoft XBOX .

It’s really exciting to think that console players will soon be able to take their first steps on the emotional journey as they make a break for freedom,” said Yoan Fanise, CEO & Creative Director at DigixArt.
Road 96, with its inspiration from the classic road trip movies from the 90’s, seemed a natural fit to this generation of both consoles and their owners. Sit back and prepare for a road trip like no other.” he added.

  • Road 96 is a crazy, beautiful road-trip. The discovery of exciting places, and unusual people on your own personal journey to freedom.
  • An ever-evolving story-driven adventure inspired by Tarantino, The Coen Brothers, and Bong Joon-ho. Made by the award-winning creators of Valiant Hearts and Memories Retold. Announced as part of the OMEN Presents initiative from HP Inc.
  • Moments of action, exploration, contemplative melancholy, human encounters and wacky situations. Set against a backdrop of authoritarian rule and oppression.
  • A stunning visual style, a soundtrack filled with 90s hits, and a thousand routes through the game combine so each player can create their own unique stories on Road 96.

Hit the road. Adventure. Freedom. Escape. Run. Flee the Regime. Try to survive.

About Road 96

The country of Petria has gone to hell. The regime is out of control. Time to escape, head for the border, the free world. The last of your parents’ savings in your pocket, thousands of miles at your feet, and a small hope of crossing the border alive.

Hitchhike your way across the country in the first ever procedural narrative game. Meet memorable characters, discover secrets, learn skills, to help you cross the border to freedom.

Your choices change your adventure, change people, change the world. There are thousands of routes along Road 96. Which one will you take?

Road 96 first launched into PC in 16/08/2021. Now console players will get a chance to play the critically-acclaimed Road 96 on PlayStation and Xbox.

Source: Press Release

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