Rising Hell Will Have Limited Boxed Versions for Pre-Order

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The latest rogue-lite action platformer Rising Hell from Tahoe Games, partnered with Strictly Limited Games and Chorus Worldwide & Toge Productions to receive an exclusive physical limited release and will be available for pre-order.

The boxed Limited Edition and Special Limited Edition will be available to pre-order for PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch starting December 12, 2021 at 12AM CET. You can pre-order by going to this link.

About Rising Hell

Rising Hell is a 2D rogue-lite action adventure platformer where you ascend vertically through a series of platforms fighting hordes of denizens from hell. Your main goal is to resurrect Lucifer. Any one who are into rogue-lite games would surely want this in their collection.

Rising Hell includes the following features:

  • Slay in style while head-banging to heavy-metal riffs
  • Vertical hell-ride: Climb out of ever-changing, procedurally-generated hell by chaining together jump-attacks and satisfying combos  
  • In true rogue-lite fashion, the threat of permadeath is ever present, but if you meet your demise, you come back stronger, as buffs continue to level up
  • Unlock and play additional cursed characters to explore a variety of playstyles, including the powerful Sydna or the agile rogue fiend Zelos 
  • Fight epic boss battles, slaying ancient demons such as Dagon, Beelzebub and more 

Rising Hell will have two unique Strictly Limited Editions that will be available for pre-order exclusively from the Strictly Limited Games Shop.

The first one is the Limited Edition that will have 2,200 copies for Nintendo Switch and 1,200 copies for the PlayStation 4, at a price of 29.99€. This edition will include a colorful game manual.

The second one is the Special Limited Edition that will have 1,800 copies for the Nintendo Switch and 800 copies only for the PlayStation 4, at a price of 49.99€. The Special Limited Edition comes with lots of additional collectibles as follows:

  • Special Limited Edition box 
  • Colourful game manual  
  • Original graphic novel
  • Original metal soundtrack on CD  
  • Art booklet 
  • Infernal poster (DIN A3) 
  • 4 character cards 

Check it out from the Strictly Limited Games Shop now.

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