Returnal: Ascension Update Coming This March 22

returnal ascension

The most recent State of Play by PlayStation has just revealed the newest update to Returnal which is Returnal: Ascension will be coming to PlayStation 5 this coming March 22, 2022.

Watch the update reveal below:

This latest update to Returnal brings two new modes that fans of the game have been wanting to get. These are the new co-op multiplayer and the Tower of Sisyphus.


Finally after trudging along in Returnal for the longest time alone, you can now play with a friend or somebody online. I have been longing for this feature so it’s such a welcome addition. The co-op experience lets you play with someone online or a private match with a friend. It has a mechanic that tethers you to each other so that if you ever get too far apart, you will be snapped back together to the same location. Another good thing is that if one of you ever gets downed, the other person has the option to revive you.

Just like on most co-op games, the progression advances for the host of the game session. There is still an advantage for the cooperator where they get to keep their progression in terms of the logs and xenoglyphs.

Tower of Sisyphus

Tower of Sisyphus is the second addition to the game. It is basically an endless tower where the higher you go up the harder it gets. Based on the greek mythology of Sisyphus, this is an endless cycle of going up a tower, never-ending and destined to end at some point. The challenge therein is how far can one go before they meet their end.

Aside from bragging rights and be crowned the top player on the leaderboards, the Tower of Sisyphus will also be offering new story contents that will add more insight into Selene and her haunting past.

The Returnal: Ascension update is coming to PlayStation 5 this March 22, 2022.

Source: PlayStation Blog

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