Resonance Of Fate 4K/HD Edition Gets Details On Upgrade

Resonance of Fate main chars

Tri-Ace game designer Ryosuke Nozawa recently posted on the official PlayStation Blog the details of how they upgraded Resonance of Fate into its 4K/HD Edition.

Resonance of Fate 4K/HD Edition details

Nozawa stated that with the 4K resolution of this upgraded video game, players will have a better experience on how the fate of the world has changed. This is a game with a highly acclaimed battle system that allows players to take control of layered strategies with dynamic movement.

The game designer confessed that this was a challenging project for them since they did not only remaster it as an HD version, but they took it to 4K resolution. They had to utilize deep learning with their proprietary technology in order to upgrade the resolution. They also strived to maintain 60 frames per second at the top resolution.

Textures and hair upgraded

Nozawa explained that they took special care with the textures to improve their quality. They are very proud with the upgrades especially with the hair of the main characters. They also made sure that the expressions of the characters looked better as they traversed the environment.

The atmospheric feel of the original version was retained by showing how the passage of time affects the backgrounds, fog effects, light sources and shadows, and reworking the camera angles. With the improved resolutions, the quality of the original movies was upgraded.

Fixes and load time improvements

The developers also made sure to fix some old bugs and improve the load times. They wanted the players to have a better game playing experience with the upgraded version. They promised that the remaster will still have over 100 hours of gameplay with dynamic engaging battle system.

The game will launch on Oct. 18. in digital form only. It will be available on PlayStation 4.

Source: PlayStation Blog