Resonance Of Fate Will Get 4K/HD Edition With New Trailer

Resonance of Fate protag 1

Game publisher SEGA recently announced that the classic RPG developed by Tri-Ace, Resonance of Fate, will get a remastered version soon.

Resonance of Fate remastered version details

Tri-Ace’s RPG will finally get the remaster it deserves and it will have a subtitle 4K/HD Edition. This means that the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 game will finally have a 4K or HD version for the current platforms. It will be available on the PlayStation 4.

This was recently teased when the Twitter accounts of the game’s main characters suddenly became active again. This meant that there should be some change in the future, and this was the result.

The RPG actually has a unique gameplay system that requires players to fully understand it and its Gun Kata based combat. It is a really difficult game to master, but once they do, they will finally understand its value. It also has a lot of fashion customization choices for the three main characters.

The 4K/HD Edition will launch worldwide in digital form only. It will be available on Oct. 18.

Check out the trailer below:

Official website here.