Resident Evil 2 “The Ghost Survivors” DLC Release Date

The Resident Evil 2 Remake was such a wonderful experience but it seems that Capcom isn’t done with the game just yet. Resident Evil 2 remains to be a gift that keeps on giving. This February 15, Capcom will release a free DLC titled “The Ghost Survivors” which is a series of stories regarding the other survivors in Raccoon City.

To be more specific, there will be three playable characters. Robert Kendo, the gun shop owner, stars in his own story “No Time To Mourn.” Katherine Warren, the mayor’s daughter, has her own short in “Runaway.” And a third unnamed protagonist with his own story to tell in “Forgotten Soldier.”

Sexy back, not so sexy zombie

Unfortunately, if you’ve already played through the game then you know that two out of three would be protagonist meet their demise in the hellhole of a city. It is unlikely we will be able to change their fates but it would still interesting to see things from their perspectives.