Resident Evil 2 Leaked Image Reportedly Shows Ada Wong New Look

Resident Evil 2 Remake Leon

A recent post on Reddit allegedly shows an image related to the upcoming video game remake Resident Evil 2. It shows one of the popular characters in the game.

Resident Evil 2 image leak details

A leaked image was reportedly leaked on Reddit, which looked to be from a printed magazine. The picture featured characters from the upcoming remake of the second title of Resident Evil. It came from a Chinese source based from the watermark on the image.

The image features two popular characters of the long series. The first notable one is Leon Kennedy in his Raccoon City police uniform and behind him is another character. It is a female character and it looks like the beautiful spy Ada Wong.

Ada looks like a proper spy this time around because she is wearing sunglasses, a trench coat, and a scarf. It matches with what was shown in the original reveal trailer of the game, but it was hidden by the shadows. It actually matches with an old concept art of her in the past.

Game publisher CAPCOM has not denied or confirmed the leak just yet. We will have to wait for more updates later on.

The game will launch on January 25, 2019. It will be available on the PlayStation 4.

Source: Reddit