Resident Evil 2 To Get Free Demo On PlayStation 4 Soon

Resident Evil 2 demo

Game publisher CAPCOM recently announced that fans of upcoming video game remake Resident Evil 2 will be able to get their hands on a demo very soon.

Resident Evil 2 demo coming soon

CAPCOM announced that a new demo will be available this coming Friday, Jan. 11. The publisher warns though that the game demo will only be confined to 30 minutes of total play.

The demo will be called the 1-Shot Demo due to the limitations of only 30 minutes long of gameplay going around Raccoon City. Players will have to watch out for the 30-minute timer and it will actually carry over across multiple playthroughs. If a player could finish the demo’s objective before the timer is up, they can see a new cinematic that has not been shown to the public yet. If they still have time on the clock after completing the demo, they can go back in and play more until the time runs out. For those who run out of time, then it is bad luck for them.

The demo will allow players to control Leon Kennedy as they wander around the Raccoon City police station. The goal here is to escape the station in order to see the demo through its end. This is actually one of the most famous sequences in the original version.

The demo will be available this coming Friday and will be available until Jan. 31. The full game will launch later this month on Jan. 25. It will be available on PlayStation 4.

Check out the trailer below: