Red Dead Online Riddled With Zombie Sightings All Over; Rumors Arise

Red Dead Redemption 2 Arthur Morgan

In the recent sightings of seemingly undead beings lying around the land of video game mode Red Dead Online, it seemingly hints that there might be a new mode, or version soon.

Red Dead Online hinting Undead Nightmare 2?

Several players have reported that they have sighted several supernatural beings on the land of the video game, which are obviously zombies. According to the reports, players have seen these undead creatures roaming about for at least the last week or so. Now rumors have risen from the dead forums that these sightings could mean Rockstar Games is now hinting a new mode might be coming around. And that mode, or title could be the Undead Nightmare sequel.

Red Dead Online Undead Woman

One of the users posted a screenshot of a deceased woman with haunting white eyes and blue-tinged skin. She was seen lying in a mass grave located in Armadillo. Another forum user posted another photo with a different looking zombie woman, who even attested that the undead blinked and moved her mouth.

Rockstar Games has not officially confirmed these sightings, but fans are eagerly waiting for the sequel to really happen. Undead Nightmare was a beloved version of Red Dead Redemption, and a lot of fans really liked it.

The full game is already available on PlayStation 4.

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