Rage 2 Gets New Trailer Featuring Pre-order, Deluxe Edition Items

Rage 2 armor

Game developer Avalanche Studio recently announced the new trailer for upcoming video game sequel Rage 2 featuring pre-order items, and deluxe edition.

Rage 2 new trailer details

The developers recently revealed a brand new trailer for the upcoming sequel featuring some cool stuff that will be coming with the pre-orders and digital deluxe edition. These bonuses will make it worthwhile to purchase the game early.

Pre order bonuses

The pre-order bonuses will be five of them. It will allow access to the exclusive Cult of the Death God mission. A new skin for the monster truck and a Settler pistol will be included as well. The armor of Nicholas Raine, the protagonist from the first game will be available too. Last is the access to the He’s on Fire cheat code, which will unlock the announcer from NBA Jam to talk over during combat.

Digital deluxe edition bonuses

For players who will purchase the Digital Deluxe edition, they will get a lot of extra items. They will gain access to the popular BFG from the DOOM game. Battle standard for vehicles are included, a progress booster, and all of the Wasteland Wizard cheat codes.

This edition will also include the Rise of the Ghosts expansion. This is an add-on that will be launching this Summer.

The game will be released on May 14. It will be available on PlayStation 4.

Check out the trailer below: