PS Vita Surprisingly Gets New Update After Recent Exploit Launched

PS Vita console

A recent update for the PS Vita was released by game company Sony Interactive Entertainment, which coincidentally cancelled out the exploit for a hack of the handheld.

PS Vita new update fixes exploit

It was just recently on Aug. 26 that the self-proclaimed Vita hacker Andy The Flow Nguyen released a new hack for the Sony handheld. This was an exploit that could allow jailbreak for Vitas operating on firmwares 3.65-3.71. This was called the h-encore2, which was the fourth public jailbreak for it.

The latest jailbreak could allow kernal and user modifications, change clock speed, install plugins, run homebrews, and many more. A few days later, Sony would release a surprising new firmware update after stating they are not producing the handheld anymore and to be considered dead.

Sony only stated that this new firmware update provided additional improvements on operation stability. Do note that the Vita is still alive in Japan even if production has already halted. Several games are still in production for the handheld.

Sony not producing PS4s in Brazil

In other related news, Sony has official confirmed that they are not producing PlayStation 4 consoles in Brazil anymore. Some speculate that the reason for dropping the production is due to the new tax reduction the Brazil Federal Government has imposed on Sony. It led to a new price drop, which people assume that it is more affordable to import consoles into the country instead of producing them there.

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