Project Stella Announced Coming This Year As Front Mission Successor

Project Stella New Year

Game developer Kadokawa Games recently announced and confirmed that the previously teased Project Stella will be launching this year.

Project Stella as spiritual successor

The teased project was actually done by the team that created Front Mission in the past and has confirmed that it will be released within this year. This comes from a recent tweet that celebrates the New Year. It also included the first screenshot of the game with a caption of HAPPY NEW YEAR on it.

The upcoming game is a mech-based strategy game for consoles, which many Front Mission fans know of. Kadokawa Games has already worked on other sci-fi strategy games for the mobile platforms like Starly Girls and the upcoming Project Europa.

Here is a statement of president Yoshimi Yasuda in an exclusive interview at a recent Tokyo Game Show:

I’m trying to find a balance and to redefine the genre that in the west is defined strategy RPG, so that it would be in the middle between a simulation RPG and a tactical RPG. If you think about RPGs like for example Dragon Quest, characters grow through fighting, and you also have a big map to explore. I’d like to keep that growth factor but then squeeze the world down to where only the battle matters for the progression of the characters.

This isn’t just about God Wars 2, but also another project that I’m working on. I’d like to create a new genre of simulation RPG that would be more accessible and an evolution.

There are still no specific details if it is coming to the PlayStation 4, but we will update this once we get more information.