Project Prelude Rune Announced With New Gorgeous Trailler

Project Prelude Rune MC

Game publisher Square Enix recently revealed a beautiful trailer of upcoming JRPG Project Prelude Rune during a lineup tour event.

Project Prelude Rune announcement

Square Enix recently revealed a new trailer during Sony Interactive Entertainment’s PlayStation Lineup Tour that preceded the Tokyo Game Show 2018. This is an upcoming JRPG that is made by Studio Istolia and it currently code-named as such. It will launch on the PlayStation 4.

Trailer details

The footage shows the visuals done by cell-shading and it is beautiful done. It features a lightly armored, sword-wielding character that is going through a forest path in this beautiful fantasy themed world. After getting through the foliage, he reaches the top of the mountain and shows the beautiful horizon.

The game was actually announced in 2017 and the studio behind it. The two are actually directed by Hideo Baba. For those who do not know him, he was the former producer of the Tales of series at Bandai Namco. In an interview, he stated that he wanted to make a current-gen console RPG and to make sure that other players outside Japan will be able to access it as well.

Check out the trailer below: