Project Judge To Get One More Demo Before Release

Project JUDGE

Yakuza Studio general director Toshihiro Nagoshi recently revealed some new information about the upcoming video game Project Judge.

Project Judge new info focusing on new demo

On a recent SEGA Nama live stream featuring Nagoshi, he was joined by the two band members of Alexandros: guitarist Masaki Shirai and drummer Satoyasu Shoumura. The band is the one who will handle the opening song of the game called Arpeggio.

During the live stream broadcast, the general director revealed that the game will get another demo in japan before it will be released there, which will be on Dec. 13. The first one was a bit short, which will make the second one longer. This will allow players to fully enjoy the game’s appeal. The demo will launch a few days before the end of November.

The game will launch next year in the west. It will be available exclusively on the PlayStation 4.

Check out the footage below: