Project Judge Reveals More Information With Extended Trailers

Project JUDGE MC

Game publisher SEGA recently released some new information about the upcoming action adventure video game Project Judge.

Project Judge juicy information revealed

SEGA divulged some interesting information about several aspects of the game including the theme of the game. It revealed that the protagonist Takayuki Yagami is worried about the series of murders that are happening in Kamurocho. The police force is not actually that concerned because they believe that these are just victims of gang warfare. Yagami believes otherwise and starts to dig more information on his own.

It turns out that there is a big conspiracy happening deep inside Kamarocho. Yagami’s main goal now is to catch the serial killer to unravel the mystery of his actions.

Abilities to use

In the game, Yagami has different kinds of investigative actions that he can use during his missions. He can listen, present evidence, observe, tail, disguise, lock pick, search, and scoop mission like taking compromising pictures. With these abilities, he can build his case with evidence and testimonies. Fights will also ensue during his investigations, which will interrupt him. This will instigate fights.


The development team actually used specific color tones for the graphics of this game. They wanted to create the feeling of tension in the air. With these colors, it boosted the gameplay and suspense. The characters are also realistic with face scanned from real actors that allows them to convey their feelings.

Side cases

The game has sidequests, which are called side cases in this case. By taking on these cases, players can improve Yagami’s ability as a detective. These cases are provided by the residents of Kamurocho and can be done in parallel with the main story. These will also offer the possibility to enjoy different sides of the main protagonist.

There are tons of minigames in this game. Players can go for the traditional ones like gambling, casinos, pinball, and different kinds of games at the Club Sega. Drone races and a VR board game are also available.

The game will launch in Japan this coming Dec. 13. It will be exclusively available on the PlayStation 4. A western release is already announced, which will be in 2019 and still exclusive to the PS4.

Check out the trailers below: