Project Judge Reveals Details On Friend Event System

Project Judge

Game publisher SEGA and developer Yakuza Studio recently revealed some new details on upcoming action video game Project Judge featuring the Friend Event system.

Project Judge Friend Event system detailed

This new Friend Event system actually unlocks some new events and features as players make friends with the residents of the busy town of Kamurocho. This will also unlock new side-cases to solve. One of the characters that they can make friends with is Sakura Amamiya, a woman from Soutenbori in Osaka. She is a massagist and they will be able to ask her for massages if they become friends.

Another character to befriend in the game is Ryan Costa Ninja. He actually helps the players in the battles if they manage to befriend him. There is also a Kyushu No. 1 Star ramen restaurant boss that they can make friends with, who will give items during battles.


When players befriend certain female characters, they can actually escalate the relationship and develop it into a romantic one and go on dates. The female characters can invite the players, or the other way around. There are more than three women that the main protagonist Takayuki Yagami can date in this game. The only one that was revealed was Tsukino Saotome.

Music video revealed

A music video for Arpreggio was revealed. This is the game’s opening song and was done by Alexandros. It also features Takuya Kimura in it too.

The game will launch exclusively on the PlayStation 4. It will be released on Dec. 13 in Japan and in 2019 in the west.

Check out the music video below: