PlayStation VR Headset Licensed To Lenovo By Sony

PlayStation VR

Game company Sony Interactive Entertainment recently agreed that they will lend the design of the PlayStation VR headset to the hardware developer Lenovo.

PlayStation VR designs lent to another developer

The deal will last for the next two years and Sony has agreed to license the design of the PS VR to Lenovo. With the help of their design, Lenovo will now use it to create their own Lenovo Mirage solo VR headset.

Lenovo VP Yao Li said in a statement:

With this agreement, it will allow us to work together to greatly enhance the design sophistication and appeal of the rapidly expanding VR field, and is an outstanding example of how great consumer brands in the VR industry can work together to benefit the consumer VR market.

Sony Interactive Entertainment chief legal officer Riley Russell also said in a statement:

We are pleased to announce that we have licensed the PS VR headset design to Lenovo. The industrial design for PS VR has been widely acclaimed, and that was the result of years of hard work by PlayStation engineers. This agreement with Lenovo is a testament to the quality of PS VR’s design, as well as SIE’s commitment to creating great virtual reality experiences and helping the VR industry expand.