PlayStation Showcase 2021: Wolverine Game for the PS5 Announced

The Wolverine is coming to the PS5!

wolverine ps5 cover

Last Thursday, Playstation Showcase 2021 has happened. And in one of the many games that they showed, they announced the Wolverine game for the PS5 by Insomniac Games.

They showed a teaser trailer that had a lot of fans excited. The teaser trailer showed us a bar where seemingly a fight has happened. It then shows us a man sitting at the counter. One of the people that was lying down on the floor suddenly stands up and takes out a knife. And as he draws near to the man at the counter, the man draws his claws.

It has been a long time since we have had a Wolverine game. The last one being the 2009 videogame X-Men Origins: Wolverine. For a new one to come along and for it to be developed by none other than Insomniac Games who made Marvel’s Spider-Man and Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales is definitely making a lot of gamers excited. I do hope that they can provide justice to Wolverine as much as they have done to Spider-Man.

You can watch the full teaser trailer here:

There is no release date set yet for the Wolverine on the PS5 but we will let you know as soon as we get more details of the game.

Source: PlayStation Showcase 2021

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