PlayStation Services Enjoyed Chicago Gamers Will Have Cloud Tax Soon

PlayStation Plus logo

The residents of Chicago city might have to pay a new tax in order to enjoy PlayStation Services offered by Sony and other gaming services.

PlayStation services gets new tax

Chicago is now in a legal battle in discussion with the issue of a Cloud Tax. The problem with this new tax is that it will increase a nine percent tax on streaming services like Netflix and Spotify. Several other services are still fighting the change, but it looks like the mighty company Sony has already conceded to this change. It will now start collecting taxes from the city residents starting on Nov. 14.

The nine percent tax will be present on PlayStation Store receipts. These services will include PlayStation Plus, PlayStation Now, PlayStation Vue, PlayStation Music, PlayStation Video on Demand, and PlayStations Video Live Events.

There are currently some rumors that suggest that the local taxes will also come to PlayStation in other areas. These might be other major cities as well like New York City. The local tax policies were actually enforced by the gaming company way back in 2016.

Source: USGamer