PlayStation Now Finally Adds Downloading PS4, PS2 Games

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Sony senior marketing manager Brian Dunn recently announced that streaming service PlayStation Now will allow subscribers to download their games to their PlayStation consoles.

PlayStation Now finally unlocks game downloads

Dunn revealed that starting today, subscribers to the service will now be able to stream and download their desired PlayStation 4 games to their consoles. They can finally play both locally and offline with a single subscription.

The manager revealed that almost all PS4 games in the service like Bloodborne, NBA 2K16, and more can be downloaded. The feature will gradually launch to other subscribers in a few more days. For those who do not see the new feature in the service, they should check it out later on.

All purchases working

The games that are downloaded via the service will support all user-purchased DLCs, add-ons, and microtransactions. It will also have the PS4 Pro enhancements for the subscribers that use the specific console. This service does not need the PlayStation Plus treatment since it is a separate one.

As a precaution, subscribers will need to check in with internet connection every few days. This will verify if their subscription is still ongoing. This is required, even if they are only playing downloaded games.

The summer price promotion will end on Sept 25, so interested buyers should hurry up. They can get one for a full month with a price tag of $9.99 only. They can also avail the full year treatment, which costs $99.99. For the PS Plus members, they can avail a discount that allows them a 3-month pass for only $29.99.

Source: PlayStation Blog