PlayStation Now Reaches 700,000 Users Since Launch

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The latest Sony console subscription service PlayStation Now has gained 700,000 users since it was launched way back.

PlayStation Now gains momentum after rocky start

The PlayStation subscription service has continued to grow since its launch way back in 2014, and even when it started off bad. It has not reached the same success like the Xbox Game Pass, but it has slowly gained a large audience, which was due to the addition of being able to download offered titles last year.

Since the service launched, it has now grown about 40 percent on average each year. This has garnered about 700,000 subscribers as a result.

CFO Hiroki Totoki said in a recent earnings announcement that the addition of downloading titles was feature that made this all possible. He said that the gameplay time per user has grown significantly to the point where gameplay time on downloaded PS4 titles is doubled that of streamed titles.

Source: Variety