PlayStation Galaxy’s Best Games Of 2018: Valkyria Chronicles 4

I got the chance to play Valkyria Chronicles 4 a few months ago and I was really expecting this game since it was announced by SEGA. I was ecstatic and wanted to play the whole game without restraints and yes, I really enjoyed every part of it. So why is Valkyria Chronicles 4 the best game of 2018 for me? Here are my two cents.

Visuals Are Superb

The Canvas System really made this game really beautiful despite being a 3D game in a Japanese anime way. With new technology like the system I just mentioned, 3D and anime have blended well and the best of two worlds are born. Sure, there have been other games like Guilty Gear and Dragon Ball Z games that have achieved this, but for me, the Canvas System really does the visuals justice. That there is a huge plus already beside the category that really matters.

Strategic Positioning Of Characters

The very big plus that attracted me most to this title and the series itself is the method of positioning your characters on certain points in the map. This allows you to make sneak attacks, gain the advantage of the height, have great defenses, and so much more. As a fan of strategic and tactical games, this one takes it to a new level. You can move your characters within its certain limit of movement range while the enemies take notice of your movements and do a counterattack. This is such a challenge for me and that makes it so enjoyable to play. Even in a very disadvantageous position, like getting outnumbered, I can still make the best out of it and win if I can just think of a way to do so. Of course, there are other features that I like in this game like the new addition of special attacks like the ship support.

For me, gameplay and visuals were the strongest parts of Valkyria Chronicles 4 and it can almost compete with other triple-A games out there. Not stand toe on toe, mind you, but almost there.

The Ability To Grind and Things To Do After The End

The cherry(s) on top is not that big of a deal, but it does make it a complete package for me: the ability to grind and a new game plus feature. Grinding is not that much of a big requirement for me, but if it is there, the review score will definitely rise. This is the feature allows me to prepare for maps that at first were difficult to finish before I grind for experience, items, and weapons.

New game plus is another plus I would have for a game. Playing all of the previous maps over and over again with higher levels definitely adds more “flavor” to the game, or simply put: enjoyable. Post maps to overcome, new challenges, or higher difficulty whilst retaining my items, weapons, levels, and more is a great way for a new game plus feature.

As a whole, Valkyria Chronicles 4 is the best game for me in 2018 with all of these features combined. As a RPG, strategy, and tactical game fan, this is one of the best games to play.