PlayStation Galaxy’s Best Games Of 2018: Spider-Man

Last year was filled with really great games but only two stood out for me – God of War and Spider-Man. I wanted to write about the former, but that title was already taken by another writer (curses!). Nevertheless, I still am happy to get the dibs on my most favorite Marvel superhero’s latest video game – Spider-Man.

Insomniac Games’ take on Spider-Man is far from perfect. The title comes with hilarious bugs and glitches, like NPCs randomly floating to God knows where, and Spider-Man himself going out of bounds. This new entry has also thrown in a lot of modern-day open-world mechanics, but that didn’t stop me from enjoying my time with it, every step of the way.

Nothing feels better than web-swinging around New York City and seeing all the neat little details. I’d love to say the map looks exactly like the real world counterpart, but I’ve never been to NYC. Who needs to go there taking boring walks when you can feel the rush and battle thugs in-game, right?

Marvel's Spider Man pose

The most outstanding part about this iteration of Spider-Man is its plot. And boy, is the story so good, it’s worthy to be included in Marvel’s Cinematic Universe. Especially near the ending, where – sorry I was about to say spoilery stuff here. Anyway, even the sidequests have great story-telling.

It really was a great choice to have Peter Parker be a young adult in this version, giving the writers the chance to make Pete relateable to ehem young adults like myself. You know, having problems like how to make ends meet and finding a special someone without looking too desperate. This also means that there are no back stories on how Peter became Spidey, and it’s also implied that most villains have already been defeated before. The best part about making Pete a young adult? Experience. Not the experience you’re thinking, you perve, but battle experience. No wimpy highschool PP here, just your regular muscular scientist who punches evil people in his spare time.

Insomniac also encourages players to unleash their creativity by knocking out villains. This time around, our beloved superhero is carrying multiple gadgets to help him fight crime, from an electric web which stuns enemies to the ever-dependable web shooters, which, well, shoots webs faster than you can say Doctor Octavius.

There’s also photo mode, which is a must in modern video games, that’s filled with features you didn’t know you’d want (in a video game). The photo mode lets you see things on new perspectives (literally!) and makes screenshots look better.

Now let’s see here, story, photo mode, gadgets, action, and DLCs (with one coming soon as of writing, titled ‘Fantastic’), Spider-Man is filled to the brim. Now go and take a Spider-selfie.