PlayStation Galaxy’s Best Games Of 2018: Monster Hunter World

2018 was not filled with fond memories for me. The whole year was filled with more disappointments than an MG-42 has bullets in its magazine. So when I do wind up looking back to 2018 from this new year that I hope isn’t a complete cluster fuck, I will always remember beating my frustrations out on something else.

And thus, Monster Hunter World is my choice for game of the year. If only because it gave me a way to vent out my frustrations. Wack a poor monster in the head until it dies. Just pretend that it’s Todd Howard. Of course, things can just as easily turn around and I wind up becoming the monster’s dinner.

Monster Hunter World

Why Is It Game of the Year?

It can be difficult to pin down what exactly it is that makes Monster Hunter World so great. For many without proper context, it can seem like repetitive grinding over and over again. Fight the same monster five times to get a new shiny armor. While Monster Hunter World is there for the thrill of the grind, it’s so much more than just hitting monsters with the strongest weapon you can find.

One of the reasons why Monster Hunter World is so great is because of its sense of progression. Every fight feels meaningful. Every monster part feels like it has its uses. Which is why I always keep them around like an obsessive hoarder. Because of this, you always have a reason to keep going. And there’s always something to push towards. You always take that hunt hoping that you’ll get that one part to complete your armor set. So many games believe that open-world gaming is what keep longevity. But Monster Hunter has proved that having a goal to work towards is more effective to keep players coming back.

The challenge is always brutal but fair. Any attempts to enter a hunt without proper preparation will usually end in failure. So there’s always incentive to become stronger. There’s always a reason to perform maintenance on what you bring with you to the field. It’s a game that has you constantly paying attention to what you have at your disposal.

And even up to now, Monster Hunter World isn’t dead. With the upcoming Iceborn expansion along with the Witcher crossover, there are too many things to keep coming back to this game for older players. As well as newer ones.Monster Hunter: World Geralt

Monster Hunter World is not a game that’s going to be for everyone. Quite a few can find it extremely tedious, too difficult, or maybe even repetitive. But for those who find its nature to be alluring. The World welcomes any challenger willing to invest their time carving their own paths.