PlayStation Galaxy’s Best Games Of 2018: Dead Cells

While everybody was out playing their favorite web slinging, axe boomeranging, horseballs viewing, and etc. games, I was just wasting my time with a simple metroidvania game that I just couldn’t seem to pull myself away from. Yes I know that there were so many games that were just phenomenal in 2018, however, Dead Cells had a certain charm to it that was so addictive that it was the perfect way to kill so much time that it felt like hours had turn into minutes each time I booted up the game.

The Simplicity of its repetitive nature had was somehow one of the addictive things about it. One could easily die and have to go back to the very beginning stage of the game and do it all over again but whatever item or upgrade that they unlocked would always be carry over and the player has to find it again in order to equip it. Dead Cells doesn’t really limit you  on how you play the game, either through exploration, finding clues to know what the story behind it is about, or just simple speed running, however, choosing the speed running route rewards players with a bunch of stuff to make them stronger during their runs.

Each time the player respawns, you have to start at the 1st stage and do it all over again with all the other stages, yes I know that sounds boring and tedious, but it isn’t much so as the game changes the layout for the stage each and every time you start a new game. When it comes to story of the game, it is pretty much negligible as plowing your way through all the enemies and finding new weapons to kill them makes it so fun, even the boss fights and random elites are fun and challenging, so much so that sometimes I just let my traps handle them while I’m safe climbing a rope where they can’t get me.

Word of caution though for those who are willing to try this game out, for me it is one of those games where you just can’t seem to put down the controller since the level of addiction is surprisingly high, not to mention the fact that each time you die is an automatic new game +. A game where day suddenly becomes night and vice versa, where hours are converted into minutes, and where knocking on deaths door makes you want to just get everything over with and return to whence you came.