PlayStation Galaxy Is Now Part Of OpenCritic

Almost half a year ago, August 2018 to be specific, PlayStation Galaxy came to fruition to bring you the important news surrounding the PlayStation brand, its upcoming games, peripherals, and even review those games to give you insight that will be vital in your decision of buying a game you like.

I am proud to announce that PlayStation Galaxy is now part of the reviews aggregate site, OpenCritic. It’s always been our goal to provide criticism to the developers’ products, helping them improve their next game, and importantly help out our fellow gamers with their decision of buying a game. If you’re wondering how we approach game reviews, you can read our Reviews Policy to give you an idea.

So if you’re wondering what are those games we already reviewed, you can check our Reviews section on our homepage, or you can find the whole list by visiting our publication page on OpenCritic.

Happy gaming everyone!

Co-founder, Webmaster