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Sony Interactive Entertainment España (SIE España) and Flaming Llama Games announced today that Twogether: Project Indigos, a third-person puzzle adventure, is now available exclusively as a digital title on the PlayStation Store for €7,99 / $8.99 £6.49You can check the release trailer below these lines.

Rafi and Sam are two kids imprisoned in the Hexacells research facility, a dark place where children with supernatural powers are abducted to test their abilities. Somehow, Rafi and Sam manage to break free and they will try to get as far away from Hexacells as possible. They will have to cooperate to overcome difficult obstacles to learn, along the way, the true value of friendship.

Twogether: Project Indigos is a single-player third-person puzzle adventure where players will manage both Rafi and Sam in their quest to escape from Hexacells. Rafi has telekinetic powers while Sam can teleport himself but only by combining their special abilities and paying attention to their surroundings will allow them to escape from the facilities.


  • Combine Rafi and Sam’s supernatural powers to solve puzzles. Like an obscure escape room, you’ll have to consider every detail of the hexacells facilities, as the environment will play a key role to overcome those obstacles
  • Teleport to unreachable places with Sam while you move objects from a distance with Sami to break away from Hexacells
  • Discover the true meaning of friendship in a single player adventure where cooperation will be vital to ensure success
  • Discover the true nature of the Hexacells lab, a dark research facility where children with supernatural powers are abducted.

Check it Twogether: Project Indigo now at the PlayStation store.

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