PlayStation Classic Made Portable By Fan Of Console

PlayStation Classic console

A certain fan has made a great invention for the rest of the fans of the PlayStation Classic and that is a portable version of the classic console.

Portable PlayStation Classic now a reality

The classic console that was remade by Sony Interactive Entertainment now has a portable version of it, but not an official version by the major gaming company. This was done by a fan and it was done in such a genius way that everything just players perfectly with all 20 classic games in tow.

The creation and the process used to make it happen were all documented on a certain social media platform. It was all done less than a month after the official PS Classic was launched. Design-wise, it is not that good, but at least it works perfectly. It actually is just the classic system console and the two halves of the PS1 controller fused on both sides. It is not that easy to hold and play, which is to be expected.

Source: Esuteru