PlayStation Classic Price Tag Now Marked Down To $40 In Several Stores

PlayStation Classic Comparison

Several retailers have shown that the price tag of the nostalgic mini-console PlayStation Classic is now lower compared to its recent one.

PlayStation Classic price plummets

Just recently multiple shops have already listed the mini-console at a price point of $40 only. This is now a markdown of 60 percent from its original price, which was $100. The alarming part of this news is that the change of the price all happened within a period of about two months only. The mini-console was first released on December 3, 2018.

This information confirms that the mini-console has definitely flopped for Sony and it is trying to sell it despite the low price. It just failed to wow the audiences due to several reasons and one of those is the fact that it runs on a certain emulator that could be downloaded for free.

The known retailers that have marked down the mini-console are Amazon and Walmart.