PlayStation 5 Rumored Has Codename Prospero; Has Built-In Camera

Several rumors and leaks that are really hard to confirm have been circulating the internet recently talking about the next-generation consoles. One of these leaks talks about the next generation of the PlayStation family, the PlayStation 5.

PlayStation 5 rumored codename and new feature true?

According to a publication, a tipster reached out to them talking about an inside scoop of what is to come for the PS5. There were two details that stood out from the rest of them, which was the codename of the next-gen console: Prospero. It actually references the white-magic practicing wizard in Shakespeare’s The Tempest. Maybe the next-gen console will be so magical for the fans to try out.

The second leak is more intriguing, which is the built-in camera for streaming. The tipster also revealed that the competition will actually have a camera too with a higher spec compared to the Prospero.

The publication did verify some of the claims, especially the recent dev kit images that the tipster sent to them. They did not share the images, but described them instead. It seemed to be the same with the recently leaked PS5 prototype images that featured that weird V-shaped divot in the middle.

Still, these are just rumors and should be taken with a grain of salt. Sony Interactive Entertainment has not claimed these to be official stuff right now, so everyone should just wait for them to make certain. Until then, more rumors will be gathered and archived for future reference.

Source: Gizmodo