PlayStation 5 Pro Rumored To Launch With Base PS5

New speculations are saying that the next generation of Sony’s console, PlayStation 5, might be launching together with its Pro version at launch.

PlayStation 5 Pro and base launch on day one rumor

After revealing the information about getting next-generation consoles in about a year, several new rumors have been appearing on the internet recently. One of those rumors revealed that the PS5 Pro might be released together with the vanilla version.

Japanese journalist Zenji Nishikawa stated that game console developer Sony Interactive Entertainment is interested in continuing what it did with the PS4 Pro in the past; release both a base version and a high-end model of the same platform. The next generation will have a different move though – PS5 and PS5 Pro together at day one.

This journalist does have some credit to his reputation. He did reveal information about the Nintendo Switch Lite before it was officially announced by the company. Still, this is still a rumor and will have to be taken seriously just yet. Everyone will have to wait for more concrete evidence before jumping into this new info.

Here’s Nishikawa’s YouTube video: