PlayStation 5 First Details Confirmed Officially By Sony

Game company Sony Interactive Entertainment recently confirmed the first details the upcoming and mostly rumored next generation console PlayStation 5.

PlayStation 5 details revealed and confirmed

Wired, an online publication, recently wrote an article that revealed the first details of the upcoming console that will replace the PS4, and it has been in development for four years. They visited the headquarters of Sony in Foster City California, and spoke with lead architect Mark Cerny.

Cerny stated that the next-gen console will not launch in 2019, but there are a number of studios that are hard at work on it. Sony has recently accelerated its deployment of development kits for the hardware.


The supposed-to-be PlayStation 5 will have an AMD chip with a custom unit for 3D audio at its core. It will be a CPU based on the third generation of AMD’s Ryzen line with eight cores of the company’s new 7nm Zen 2 micro-architecture. It will also feature a specialized solid-state drive with a raw bandwidth higher than any solid-state drives available for the PC.

The biggest and highly regarded information about this interview is this feature: backwards compatibility with PS4 titles, but the previous generations were not confirmed. Aside from that it will support 8K graphics and physical media. The GPU will be a custom variant of Radeon’s Navi family. In other words, it will support ray tracing.

There was no further information about the upcoming console aside from the hardware right now. Cerny did not divulge any details about the services, features, or games that would run on that device. The publication asked if Kojima Productions’ Death Stranding will be released for the next gen console, a spokesperson only reiterated that it will be released for the PS4. Cerny did smile and had a pregnant pause, which could mean that there will be a dual-platform release. He also teased that there might be cloud gaming plans as well.

Source: Wired