PlayStation 5 Development Kit Design Patent Gets Revealed, Confirmed

In a recent post, a PlayStation 5 development kit design patent was revealed and current it was confirmed by a certain artist.

PlayStation 5 development kit could be the one

Just recently the website LetsGoDigital posted news of a design patent that revealed an unknown device done by Sony Interactive Entertainment. Engineer Yushuhiro Ootori was the one who designed it and it was speculated for a while that this would be the PS5 dev kit.

Today, Codemasters senior artist Matthew Stott confirmed that this was in fact the PS5 dev kit. He also said that they currently have some in the office for testing.

While this is big news for fans who want to take a glimpse of what the PS5 could look like in the future, there is a clincher. This is NOT the final design of the upcoming console, but only tests the capability of the software and hardware of the prototype design. The final product will be different altogether, so they will have to wait a little longer for it.

The next generation console is still veiled in mystery, but it is confirmed that it will not launch until sometime after April 2020.

Source: Lets Go Digital